iCoffee’s Patented SteamBrew™ Process Brews Best Coffee, Saves Money

The smoothest-tasting coffee you’ve ever had right in your Santa Clarita home with the newest coffee maker, iCoffee by Remington. 

iCoffee is the world’s first coffee maker with patented SteamBrew™ technology invented by Santa Clarita resident Bruce Burrows. For more than seven years, Burrows researched how to perfect this method. Also the owner of Remington Water in Valencia, Burrows holds more than 125 U.S. patents.icoffee-onesheet

The SteamBrew™ process allows coffee lovers to enjoy the rich, less-bitter flavor that traditional coffee makers lack. Burrows’ innovation causes steam to heat the grounds evenly, instead of hot water dripping on only one portion of the grounds.

SteamBrew Technology Produces More Flavor from Less Coffee

SteamBrew™ technology causes the perfect extraction from all the grounds, allowing a 15 percent reduction in coffee usage while producing the best-tasting coffee.

Traditional coffee makers use the drip method which rains hot water directly over the same portion of coffee. The problem with this is that not all of the coffee is being used and is being over extracted, causing acidic and bitter coffee oils. French press methods are not durable and also do not give the option to make coffee in quantity variation. Single serve is expensive to use and forfeits the perfect coffee extraction for speed.

iCoffee, on the other hand, is efficient, durable and uses the SteamBrew™ technology to deliver coffee enthusiasts the smoothest taste they have ever experienced.

The iCoffee coffee maker is eco-friendly and provides additional savings because the filter is reusable and durable, eliminating the need for paper filters. Additional features include a 12-cup capacity, fully automatic 24-hour programmable operation, automatic shut-off, a two-hour “keep-warm” feature, and an exclusive brew window so you can watch the SteamBrew™ technology in action and the rich crema coffee on top.

icoffee_khts_skp_092613 (16)Where to Buy iCoffee by Remington

Residents in Santa Clarita who want to taste the smooth and rich flavor of their coffee of choice can purchase the iCoffee by Remington online or listen for on-air air promotions on AM 1220 KHTS radio, which will sell iCoffee for $169.00. Online orders are available by visiting the Bloomindale’s and Frontgate Catalogue websites.

Article: iCoffee’s Patented SteamBrew™ Process Brews Best Coffee, Saves Money

Author: Jeanina

Article Source: iCoffee

iCoffee’s Patented SteamBrew™ Process Brews Best Coffee, Saves Money

September 25, 2013 • 4:34 pm

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